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Purple/Gold/Mixed Dried Chondrus Crispus - Single Pack/37g
  • Purple/Gold/Mixed Dried Chondrus Crispus - Single Pack/37g


    Wild Harvested Chondrus Chrispus off the rocks from the Peruvian Sea. 


    1x 1.3oz/37g Sea Moss Life Pack - Makes 1x 750ml Jar of Gel. 

    Instructions included.


    What is the difference between PURPLE and GOLD Sea Moss?

    PURPLE has been dried for less time so it keeps it's colour.  It contains Anthocyanin, a powerful antioxidant that is also in blueberries, acai and beetroot.  PURPLE tastes very strong and potent by itself, but barely noticed in a smoothie.  I can easily eat it off the spoon when I mix freeze dried fruit powder into the gel when making it.

    GOLD was once PURPLE, but it has been dried longer so it loses it's PURPLE colour.  GOLD is slightly more mineral rich, with even more Calcium, Ironfluorine and Potassium than PURPLE.  GOLD does not taste potent like PURPLE does.

    BOTH have 92 Minerals of the 102 Minerals the body needs to perform at it's peak.


    HERE is where I buy my Freeze Dried Fruit Powder to flavour my Gel.  I put about 4 tablespoons in per Jar.



    • Additional Info

      I Take 1-2 Tablespoons a day or every other day, do what feels right for you.  It is potent and might not be needed everyday.  Because I feel energised from Sea Moss, I don't take it at night.


      Full Instructions on how I make my Sea Moss Gel are in the "Make It Yourself" tab in the Menu above.  I also send you a print out of the Instructions.


      Please take note... 

      This is Seaweed and will taste like the ocean.  Some don't mind the taste while others can't stand it.  I used to hide mine in a smoothie, but now I mix freeze dried fruit powder into the gel when making it and then I can easily eat it by itself. 


      Store dried Sea Moss in a cool dry place.  Can store up to 8 months.  Once made into a Gel, mine tastes good for around 4 weeks. 

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